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ABOUT the potter ...

I discovered the world of ceramics with the hands of my grandmother, herself a teacher in this field. I multiplied the ceramic experiments going from workshops to workshops, discovering raku, cooking in a wood oven, enamelling, modeling and plate work.

Then, I learn the ceramic filming in the school CNIFOP in Burgundy for a year. My apprenticeship in the craft continues with the potter Grégoire Heitzmann. I set up as a self-entrepreneur in September 2016 and start a production in an improvised workshop in my cellar. From February 2016 to July 2018, with the association "Atelier terre de la Marouette" in Lamballe (22), I give pottery classes for adults and children as a workshop teacher. Installed in a workshop at the Rheu from February 2017 to July 2018, I work my production and share the place with another young ceramist.

In January 2019, I go on the roads, from France to Iran, through Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. to meet other potters.

... and his work

Beautiful objects that can be used everyday, that's what I aspire to do. Join the useful to the pleasant. I want to develop local, ethical and environmentally friendly work. I work with land extracted in Burgundy and with homemade enamels. My work is gradually turning to the topics of meetings. The work of the earth for me is a great adventure. I'm only at the beginning .. Transmission is an important part of the job. Coming from socio-cultural and popular education I like the idea of ​​sharing, exchanging, practicing, testing ..

"Les mains dans la terre, la tête dans les nuages..."

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